Ria Carmin

UX UI Designer



I am a product designer. I strive to create great interfaces for people, on any screen or device. Design is a collaborative process. I start with user-centered research and get stakeholders on the same page through design thinking. I bring the research to life through wireframing, prototyping and testing, and finally polished visuals.

I write code so I can control the final design. I have developed and keep improving a boilerplate to create custom UI frameworks. There is nothing better than clean and scalable code behind the style.


  • Space sagas
  • Cherry pie
  • Salty air
  • Kickboxing
  • Jamming guitar

Journal / Notes

Design for Programmers


Design is a learnable skill. I've summed up a few rules and techniques you can use to build user-friendly and nicer looking interfaces: grids, typography and color theory.


Paper Prototyping


I will try to convince you to get hands-on with paper and pen in today's abundance of digital tools.

Advanced CSS: Sass Maps to UI Components

front end

Maps are a hugely under-appreciated feature of Sass. Using Sass Maps can automate generating UI elements and improve the design consistency across your application. You will love using Sass maps when you need a set of modifier classes for UI elements.


Ethnosemantics in UX Design


I was inspired by the holistic approach of ethnosemantics to researching the use of language among cultural groups. I have adapted some of its methods for modern user research and wanted to share my ideas about it.